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Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center from Camagüey

It researches, develops, produces and markets innovative biotechnological products, focused on the agricultural sector and in the field of hormone-sensitive tumor therapies.

Its main product is the recombinant vaccine for the control of ticks in cattle Gavac®. Other of its products are Porvac® : a vaccine against classical swine fever, and Hebernem®, an ecological bionematicide, effective in the control of nematodes, especially in growing houses. protected vegetables, which also attack outdoor plantations.


Generate, develop, produce and commercialize biotechnological products for the agricultural sphere, to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of Cuba, based on a quality management system that guarantees customer satisfaction.


To be a leading institution, of national and international prestige, in agricultural biotechnology, achieving full customer satisfaction.

Contact information
  • Address : North Circunvalante and Finlay Ave., Camagüey, Cuba
  • Phone number : (032) 261295

Our History

Foundation : July 25, 1989

The CIGB of Camagüey was inaugurated by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz on July 25, 1989. Due to the cattle-raising nature of the province of Camagüey, its projects are mainly directed to the agricultural sphere. The first product that the center developed was a recombinant vaccine against colibacillosis that affected pigs and caused great economic losses. The Gavac® tick vaccine has been our leading product for almost 20 years. It has been exported to several Latin American countries.

Our directives

Research areas



Institutional projects not associated with programs
On research
  1. Obtaining candidates for bioproducts for agricultural use
  2. Therapeutic vaccine against prostate cancer
On development
  1. Development of the productive process of the vaccine against the classic swine plague
  2. Development of a productive process to obtain the vaccine against sea pyojos (North)
  3. Development of the productive process to obtain the vaccine against hemorrhagic fever of the joint
  4. Development of a productive process to obtain the P0-Bm86 vaccine candidate against bottlenecks
  5. Development of the process for obtaining the new biocontroller strain H32
  6. Development of Hebernem
Project associated with national program
On research

Development of new bioproducts for the control of nematodes