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PhD. Jorge Valdés Hernández

Deputy Director General

He started his career in Nuclear Technological Process Engineering at Moscow D.I. Mendeleiev (1989), and concluded his university studies at the Technological University of Havana (1994). He graduated in Technological Process Engineering (Biotechnological profile) with a Gold Degree. He has a Master’s Degree in Biotechnological Processes (2001) and a year later he obtained a Master’s Degree in Project Management from the School of the Industrial Organization of Spain. He is a Doctor of Technical Sciences from the Technological University of Cuba (2010).

For 6 years he was head of the Fermentation Plant at CIGB. In 2001 he was promoted head of the Fermentation Department in the Technological Development Directorate of the CIGB. Later he was Deputy Director of Technological Development of the CIGB. He has managed several new product development projects and the technological improvement of existing products. He has achieved a high specialization in the manufacture of biotechnological products on a large scale.

His experience ranges from design and optimization to industrial scaling of bioprocesses; as well as the application of different tools for the analysis and improvement of processes, the development of producer strains, the fermentation process of high productivity in bacteria and yeasts; the manufacture of biotechnological products under conditions of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP); and the economic evaluation of processes, products and projects.

He was part of the leading team for the continuous improvement of production capacities, and improvements in production costs and quality of CIGB products and technologies. In recent years he received specialized training and education in Japan, the Netherlands, Italy and Cuba. He is the first author on various international publications on industrial activities.