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Controlling diabetes and its most severe complications

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The Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology is pleased to invite researchers, authorities, specialists, health program managers, students, professionals, biopharmaceutical producers and businessmen who work to preserve the health of people with diabetes, to join us in the VI edition of the International Congress “Controlling diabetes and its most severe complications”, from August 31st to September 4th, 2022, at the Plaza América Convention Center, in Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba.

This important international congress, sponsored by prestigious organizations, will feature Cuban and foreign speakers and delegates from more than 40 countries, who will exchange their experiences and expand their knowledge regarding the most advanced in the control of diabetes mellitus under a COVID-19 epidemiological scenario, the molecular mechanisms of healing, therapies for diabetic foot ulcers, the implementation of health programs aimed at the comprehensive care of people with diabetes, and orthopedic treatments of foot deformities in people with diabetes mellitus.

As in previous editions, world experts and leaders in diabetes, endocrinology, molecular biology and vascular surgery will show their experiences in controlling and minimizing the negative impact caused by diabetes mellitus. Plenary lectures, oral presentations and electronic posters will be presented in English, with simultaneous translation facilities.

During the congress, several collateral activities will be organized to further enhance their participation.

Fraternal greetings,
Organizing Committee


Important information

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31 August 2022
04 September 2022


Centro de Convenciones Plaza América, Varadero
Autopista Sur, Km 11 ½
Varadero, Matanzas Cuba
+ Google Map
(53 45) 668181



PhD. Manuel Raíces Pérez-Castañeda
(53) 7250-4121 (53) 7271-6022 Ext. 1021
MSc. Osvaldo Reyes Acosta
(53) 7250-4644 (53) 7271-6022 Ext. 1144

Scientific Comittee

PhD. Manuel Raíces Pérez-Castañeda
(53) 7250-4121 (53) 7271-6022 Ext. 1021
MSc. Osvaldo Reyes Acosta
(53) 7250-4644 (53) 7271-6022 Ext. 1144
  1. All abstracts will be sent through our website (http://hptcongress.cubagrouplanner.com)
  2. All abstracts will be analyzed by the Scientific Committee of the Congress.
  3. The text of the abstract must be explicit enough so that it can be understood by the Organizing Committee.
  4. You should avoid using adjectives or qualifiers that are not compatible with scientific writing.
  5. The summary should offer accurate data, as well as interpretations and conclusions, showing the novel results of the work.
  6. The abstract may be in Spanish or English (preferably in English).


To submit the abstract

Fill out the registration form in English or Spanish; preferably in English.

If you cannot fill out the form or attach the abstract, you can send it to hptcongress@cigb.edu.cu with the requested information. Use as subject of the message: Abstract submission-Congress 2022.

If your work is selected for oral presentation

You must adapt it to the PowerPoint template provided on the website, and you will plan 15 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes to answer possible questions (10 to 15 sheets maximum).

If your work is selected for poster (poster)

You must adapt it to the template in digital format provided on the website.

The organization of the content of the posters should be
  1. Title
  2. Authors and Affiliation
  3. Resume
  4. Introduction
  5. Materials and Methods (Medical Procedures)
  6. Results
  7. Conclusions


On line registration through our website (http://hptcongress.cubagrouplanner.com) is a simple process of only 5 steps, before you receive final confirmation:

  1. Registration per category: You should be to carry out up to 6 person registration per category and at the same time (Attendant or Companion person).
  2. Registration review: You should be able to obtain at that moment a summary for the final charge per person, as well as the total to be paid.
  3. Personal information: You should fill out personal information (Name, Last name, e-mail address, etc.).
  4. Payment: Will be carry out by credit card. We use SSL system.
  5. Confirmation: You will receive by electronic e-mail confirmation with all the details of the participants and services included.


Participants Fee (EUR)
Private sector 800
Delegate 600
Student 150
Companion 150
Registration includes
  1. Access to all scientific sessions.
  2. Accreditation materials: credential, scientific program with work summaries, certificate of participation, other materials informative and promotional.
  3. Welcome cocktail
  4. Coffee breaks between scientific sessions
  5. Closing ceremony
  6. Transportation from the Iberostar Selection Bella Vista Varadero Hotel to the Plaza América Convention Center, and transportation from the Plaza América Convention Center to the Iberostar Selection Bella Vista Varadero Hotel.

Lodging (USD)
Double room 135.00 USD x pax for each  night
Simple room 189.00 USD x pax for each  night
Payment condition

All registrations require prepayment.

Event registration rates are subject to changes except when reservations have been confirmed. All rates are quoted in Euros. If any change involves an increase in price/rate, payment will be required at the time of change and the change and it will not be effective until payment is received and confirmed.

The total charge includes all services described by registration category, as well as fees for access and booking. Any incidental charges such as airport taxes, parking, phone calls, tips and room service will be handled directly between you and the supplier or property.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellations or changes must be received in writing to $EVENTMAIL$

Once you have paid for your registration, the following cancellation policy applies:

Cancellation of Registration

Devolution it will be to the same credit card that you made a payment, except 20.00 % for administration fees.


• Diabetes prevention
• Diabetes as metabolic syndrome
• Association between obesity and diabetes
• Diabetes type 1 and 2, main scientic results in their detection, metabolic control and treatments
• Gestational diabetes
• Management of diabetic complications: retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy
• Diabetes control with insulin
• Control and monitoring of atherogenic dyslipidemia: hypertriglyceridemia, low density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoprotein (LDL)
• Arterial hypertension
• Hyperglycemia
• Centripetal obesity
• Alterations in the function of platelets
• Association of oral hygiene and caries in the diabetic patient with the risk of cardiovascular involvement
• Treatments aimed at the prevention and management of cardiovascular complications
• New therapies in clinical trials
• Diabetes and COVID-19

  1. Cellular and molecular factors involved with diabetic foot ulcer chronification
  2. Cellular and molecular factors associated with healing mechanisms in diabetic foot ulcers
  3. Failures of healing mechanisms in patients diabetic
  4. Roles of growth factors during the regulation of wound healing
  5. Molecular tools for the following up of the effiency of healing therapies
  1. Diabetic foot ulcers as severe diabetic complication
  2. Treatment for controlling infection in diabetic foot ulcer
  3. Perispheral arterial disease
  4. Revascularization procedures
  5. Care of neuropatic and ischemic diabetic patients
  6. Charcot foot
  7. Experiences in infiltrating of recombinant human epidermal growth factor to heal complex diabetic foot ulcers

• Health programs for the integral care to diabetic patients
• Active screening in communities for the early detection of diabetic foot ulcers
• Association of primary, secondary and tertiary care in comprehensive care for diabetic patients
• Implementing community programs for the early detection and care of gestational diabetes
• New developments and clinical researchs for the control of diabetes mellitus
• Pharmacovigilance and post-marketing studies of new therapies for diabetic foot ulcers
• Biosafety of using human recombinant epidermal growth factor to treat diabetic foot ulcers

You can make your payment through a transfer to our bank account or online through the payment gateway
  • Beneficiary Name: Controlling diabetes
  • Address of beneficiary: Ave. 31 between 158 and 192, Reparto Cubanacan, Playa
  • Beneficiary Bank International Financial Bank
  • Bank address: 5ta. Ave. and 92, Miramar, Playa
  • Account:
  • Nit Code: 01000348294
  • REUP Code: 305. 0. 06675

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