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We cover biomedical, agricultural, preclinical and animal experimentation research


We develop bioproducts using genetic engineering and biotechnology techniques


We manufacture biopharmaceutical products for Cuba and other countries


We sell our products in the international market


  • Project negotiation
  • Project co-development
  • Creation of joint ventures
  • Representation and Distribution Contracts
  • Creation of Companies abroad 100% Cuban capital
  • Technology Transfer Contracts
  • Manufacturing Service Contracts


The International Sales Department has the mission of commercializing the wide range of products developed by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. Guarantee the export of merchandise and the adequate positioning of the products in the target markets, working on the variety of the country’s exportable offer and maintaining strict control over the markets to which the products are accessing. Diversify sales among various foreign markets and clients. Provide high-tech products that guarantee a higher quality of life for people in the world.

Lines of Biomedical Research

Lines of research in Animal Biotechnology

  • Vaccines against ectoparasites
  • Diagnosis of haemoparasites
  • Vaccines against classical and African swine pests
  • Diagnosis of classical and African swine pests
  • Vaccines against brucellosis
  • Diagnosis of brucellosis
  • Expression in mammalian cells