Cuban Parliamentarian Supports Strengthening Russia-Cuba Cooperation

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Moscow, Jul 7 (Prensa Latina) Cuban parliamentarian and director of the National Center for Sexual Education of Cuba Mariela Castro Espin called today for strengthening cooperation between Cuba and Russia on health, during a meeting with Russian senators.

Castro Espin said that the implementation of a joint project for the use, production and technological exchange related to the Cuban drug Heberprot could mean for Russia reduced costs valued at millions of dollars.

In addition, she said that a comprehensive program regarding this subject guarantees an increase in life expectancy and quality of life of patients with diabetic foot disease, as well as reducing costs by Russian health system.

Castro Espin reiterated that Cuba and Russia are united by historical ties of friendship, so that the joint implementation of the health program would be a new opportunity for strengthen them.

For her part, counselor of the Cuban Embassy Natacha Diaz Aguilera said that there is a great potential for cooperation in health between the two countries.