What do we do?

The Biotherium is the area of GEBC responsible for the use and care of the laboratory animals in the CIGB and its fundamental mission is to provide services from the research stage through the phase of biotechnology development to the stage of Quality Control of the product.

This process is carried out in compliance with ethical principles related to the use of laboratory animals and quality requirements, through the application of Preclinical Good Practices and Good Practices of the Medical-Pharmaceutical Industry applied to the use of laboratory animals , Supported by a documentary system that includes Programs such as the Use of Laboratory Animals in the GEBC, Environmental Monitoring Program, Operational Procedures duly approved for all activities, all of which constitute a powerful tool to ensure the achievement of repeatable results, Reliable and secure.

The Biotherium has an area of 4000 m², distributed in different animal and socio-administrative areas, properly segregated. The animals are maintained according to their hygienic sanitary status in Barrier Zones (controlled conditions), which have high technology equipment, with a rigorous automated control of environmental parameters including temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure. It has scientific personnel and highly qualified specialists, with more than 10 years of experience, trained in the different subjects of the biological sciences and the science of the laboratory animal that includes different aspects such as animal reproduction, toxicology, pharmacology, histopathology, environmental security , Bioethics and immunology