Who are us?

In Cuba, an intensive investment process and personal formation has been carried out, which now allows a complex and integrated system of research and production in the field of biotechnology applied to different branches of society.

In this context, the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center of Cuba, is a dynamic development institution that has allowed it to reach a high level in the research, development, production and commercialization of biological products obtained through the methods of modern biotechnology.


The purpose of CIGB is to achieve innovative research results, materialised in innovations with high levels of profitability, that contribute to well-being in the areas of human health and agricultural production, and a strong respect for the preservation of the environment, Continuous improvement of quality and customer satisfaction, with a staff that works to preserve and constantly increase its scientific-technical education, promoting integrality and deep ethical values and collaborating effectively with the national environment.


The CIGB is the largest exporter of goods in the country in the year 2020, maintaining its character as a leading organization in biotechnology at the Latin American level, in terms of innovation and impact of its production on human health and food production, aspiring To become a leading institution at the global level. It has penetrated the first world market with its leading product; Heberprot-P, occupying a significant portion of the market sector related to diabetic foot ulcers. It has no less than 5 products with sanitary records in the most demanding markets, and it has integral and systemic technological solutions for important problems of agricultural production, with effective and sustainable production and significant income.