Awards and distinctions

  • XVI Forum of Science and Technology, CIGB, 2014.
  • Validation of the procedure for the separation of p64K by electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). Mention.
  • Comparison of stability of the P64K at -20 and -70 ° C. Mention.
  • Validation of an immunoenzymatic assay to measure protein impurities of the host strain of Pichia pastoris using commercial reagents.
  • The establishment of the national pegylated interferon reference material covering the reference materials needed of for Quality Control this product. Outstanding.
  • Photo-stability study of Heberprot-P®. Outstanding.
  • Working reference materials for EGFhr: its suitability for quality control of Heberprot-P®.
  • Demonstration of the Heberpenta®-L vaccine stability for 36 months. Outstanding.