jorge Luis

Ramira Dinorah Torres Idavoy
Head of Technological Development

Centers that worked

Institute of Tropical Medicine "Pedro Kouri". (I.P.K.).

Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Profesional Experience

Development of analytical techniques for the control and characterization of biopharmaceuticals

Establishment and scaling processes purification process for obtaining biopharmaceuticals

Preparation of documents for the application of clinical studies and Health Record biopharmaceuticals

Production of biopharmaceuticals under GMP conditions.

Analytical control of biopharmaceuticals

Preparation of polyethylene glycol conjugated proteins for therapeutic purposes. Main responsibilities

Head of Department Analytical Development-Documentation

Courses and Training received

Training in different Operational procedure

Management of Pharmaceutical Development.

ICH standards and other international standards related Bioproducts Development

Social Problems of Science and Technology

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology. (Institute of Pharmacy and Food, University Havana)

Introduction to Process analysis

Workshop on Good Production and Regulatory Affairs in the framework agricultural practices

Seminar on Track Changes

Seminar ICH Q10

Risk Seminar Q9.Analisis ICH

Courses and training Offered

International Course on Development of Analytical Techniques

He Worked in training three technologists Immunological Institute of Technology, Bio-Manguinhos in Brazil, in analytical techniques because of the technology transfer for the production of IFN-PEG 48 000.

Training Master 2 students Biotechnology Center City

Ho Chi Minh. Viet Nam

Tutoring Thesis in Chemical Engineering

Tutoring Thesis average degree of Industrial Chemistry Technician.

Professor International course Purification

Conferences and seminars

Biotechnology 2007 and 2008

-Forum Base of Science and Technology. 2007. - Presentation at the 4th Workshop Quality Scientific Pole. • Transfer Experiences Quality Development. Dinorah Torres, Galina Moya, Lourdes Costa, Isabel Apezteguia (Conference) 2010. • Establishment of different analytical methods for controlling the process of obtaining DNA therapeutic vaccine against Hepatitis C. Martha Pupo, Maelys Millares. Dinorah Torres.


Validation of the technique of total protein determination by the method of microcoomassie double wavelength for Finished Product Sample Antigen nucleocapsid of hepatitis C virus (HCcAg). (Co-author)

Forum of Science and Technology CIGB 2012

Improvements in the process of obtaining Monopeguilado-IFN. (Author) • Increased protein recovered from Hepatitis C core pro settings purification process. (Co-author) • Validation technique for quantification of total protein microcoomasie double wavelength for samples streptokinase finished product as a suppository (CIGB 240). (Co-author)

Vaccifarma 2012

• Implementation and validation of the analytic techniques for the process control of rP64k. (Author) • Production process for recombinant P64k, Neisseria meningitides outer membrane to protein. (Author) • Core protein characterization for HCV vaccine candidate CIGB-230. (Co-author) • Core protein quality control in the vaccine candidate CIGB-230. (Co-author) • Development HB core analytical techniques for protein quality control in NASVAC therapeutic vaccine candidate. (Co-author) • Development of analytical techniques for evaluation of quality of CR3 molecule, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) of therapeutic vaccine Against HIV-1. (Co-author)

Event Immunopharmacology

Establishment and validation of a set of analytical techniques for quality control PEG2, 40kda -NHS (Author)

- 5th Quality Workshop

Establishment and validation of a set of analytical techniques for quality control PEG2,40-kDa NHS (Author). • Validation of the technique of determination of the total proteins for the Microcoomassie method to double wave longitude for the sample of Finished Product of hepatitis C core antigen (HCVcoreAg). • Preparation of a Reference Material glycyl-glycine for determining the degree of activation polyethylene glycol

Recognition of the ACC

Innovation Award 2010 CITMA "Development of a novel formulation of pentavalent vaccine DPT, Hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae B allowing the sanitary registration of a new liquid pentavalent vacuma in a single vial." (Collaborator) "

Science 2012 Academy Award Physiological and nutritional studies of Escherichia coli and a new combination of separation methods to Obtain Pure and highly homogeneous plasmid DNA for gene therapy. Odalys Ruiz, Miladys Limonta, Jorge Valdes, Gabriel Marquez, Michel Diaz, Willy Frómeta, Martha Pupo, Dinorah Torres, Eduardo Martinez, Santiago Dueñas-Carrera. other awards

Annual Health Prize 2011 "Immunization with DNA vaccine candidate in patients with chronic Hepatitis C, is safe, well tolerated and does not prevent the induction of the immune response after vaccination anti Hepatits B. Dr. Marlen Ivón Castellanos, Zurina Cinza, Zaily Dorta, Gloria Veliz, Hector Vega, Irma Lorenzo, Sergio Ojeda Santiago Dueñas, Liz Alvarez-Lajonchere, Guillian Martinez, Elena Ferrer, Miladys Limonta, Odalys Ruiz, Marbelis Linares, Boris Acevedo, Dinorah Torres, Gabriel Marquez Luis Herrera Martinez, Enrrique Arús.

Annual Prize health 2012, development of a formulation in the form of suppository containing recombinant streptokinase for the treatment of hemorrhoidal crisis, "Ana Aguilera Barreto, Eduardo Martinez Diaz, Yilian Bermudez Alvarez, Karelia Cosme Diaz, Francisco Hernández Bernal, Luciano Hernandez Marrero, Pedro López Saura, Luis Herrera, Lazara Muñoz Hernandez, Dinorah Idavoy Torres, et al.

Annual Health Award 2013 "Development of PEG-Heberon for the treatment of Hepatitis C in Cuba". Rolando Paez Meireles, Fidel Castro R, Dinorah Torres, Oscar Cruz Gutierrez, Idrián Garcia, Hugo Nodarse Cuni, José A Ramón Ernesto Urrutia Valdes, Eduardo Martinez Diaz, Luis Herrera Martinez, Karelia Cosme, Carmen Valenzuela, Lourdes Costa.

Relevant Provincial Forum. Process production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient PEGHEBERON. Technological improvements that increase performance 3 times. Ernesto Urrutia, Oscar Cruz Gutiérrez, Yalina Ordaz, Yohanix López, Fidel Castro R., Dinorah Torres, et al.


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