Awards and distinctions

  • Award of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba 2013: Proctokinasa®, new medicine for the treatment of acute hemorrhoids.
  • Papers presented at the International Congress “Controlling diabetes and its most severe complications”, Varadero, Cuba, December 10-12, 2014
  • Santana H, Ventosa N, Martínez E, Veciana J, Cabrera I, Berlanga JA. (2014) New nano-drug for complex wound therapy. Controlling Diabetes and its Most Severe Complications. Conference.
  • Elian Cruz, Liurdis Caballero, Raymersy Aldana, Jorge Berlanga, Rolando Páez, Vivian Sáez, Fidel R. Castro, Eduardo Martínez. (2014) Sustained release of biologically active Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) from Injectable polymeric microspheres promotes wound healing. Conference.